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Jika55 sitting ball


JIKA SITTING BALL is an active ergonomic seat created with human movement in mind. It is the luxurious answer to the modern seating dilemma. Approved by paediatric occupational therapists, it is ideal for children. Designed and manufactured in South Africa. 


Active Sitting Ball for kids



JIKA is designed with children's movement in mind. This aesthetically gorgeous ergonomic seat is an active stability ball chair for our children. JIKA is the elegant and practical answer to the modern seating dilemma. JIKA Sitting Ball is perfect active seat for kids, whether in the classroom or at home.


JIKA originated from a question: What if I can design a lifestyle I don’t need a holiday from? 

Jika Sitting Ball for kids


Ergonomic Sitting Ball in the Office
What makes it active seating?

With the spherical shape, you can sway, shift or wiggle while you sit. This ergonomic seating promotes engagement of the back and core muscles for stability.

Ergonomic Sitting Ball for Kids
Will the inner ball pop?

No, it is an anti-burst ball. If it is not firm enough for you, you can always top up the air to have it suit your weight. The internal pressure will change with changes in temperature.

Washing the Jika Stability Ball
Can I wash the cover?

Yes. The outer cover is made of 100% polyester fabric. Deflate the inner ball and remove the cover. The cover can be (cool) machine washed with similar colours.

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